Ensure justice for mob-violence victims | 2019-04-23 | daily-sun.com

Ensure justice for mob-violence victims

23 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The night of Shab-e-Barat reminds us of the brutal killing of six students eight years back. The bereaved families are still crying for justice!  This signifies two major issues of public interest. Allegedly, among others, non-cooperation from some members of the law enforcement agencies has kept this sensational case pending for a long time. The victims were lynched to dead and the perpetrators are yet to face justice.

 As per the profile of the case, a gang conspicuously made the villagers believe that the students who were visiting the village were robbers. Thus infuriated villagers lynched them without realising that they were innocent visitors and the actual accused used them to hide their own crime.

The report published in yesterday's daily sun quoted non-appearance of one of the investigation officers as the main reason behind the unusual delay in solving the case. As we know, IOs play crucial roles to ensure justice for the victims. The negligence deserves serious scrutiny and punishment for the defaulters; otherwise, this wrong practice will continue blocking the way to justice and reducing the confidence of justice-seekers in the lawmen.

The killing of the students shed light on the grave danger in society. Though the Bangladeshi Penal Code does not allow lynching of anyone suspected of being a child-lifter, thief, snatcher, extortionist or anything else, we often come across the news of mob violence. It is disturbing to note that, in many cases, law enforcers are found to be the willing spectators of the show of cruelty.

 It is not legitimate to allow mob violence and subsequent murder as an incident of unfortunate social malaise. It has to be considered as an act of heinous crime. This is the need of the hour that the authorities enacted a law specific to mob violence. Hopefully, the case will be solved without further delay to uphold rule of law.