Game-Changing Style Tips

21 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Game-Changing Style Tips

The art of manliness is one that demands confidence, elegance and sophistication.  However, it can be boring to stay suited and booted 24/7. While we all unanimously agree that being manly means wearing a crispy monochromatic suit of the colour black, white or deep blue along with a printed tie, it’s also true that it’s not a look one should carry all throughout the day. Sometimes you need to get in touch with your inner boy and listen to what he wants? Does he want to wear formals 24/7? I am sure the answer will be in negative. 

We all have a child inside. Only some of us listen to it, others ignore it. However, when we begin to ignore the brighter and whimsical aspects of life, life tends to become monotonous. It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to express emotions without worrying about how others will judge you. It’s a judgmental world, but then again, we all need to start living and stop existing! And if others need to judge you, why not give them something good to complement about? I am hinting on fashion. Your bright fashion not only makes you feel happier but it can also put a smile on the face of someone who sees you. Wearing bright colours can be manly too, besides being boyish. In fact, abandon all stereotypes and personalize what you wear by creating your own style. Here are some rules to keep in mind:

Forever Young

Being a man can be tough at times. You need to look strong all the time, even when the child inside you wants to be emotional, happy and carefree. Abandon all restrictions and embrace the happy emotions in colours that are cheerful and bright, because we only live once!


Revolutionize Your Wardrobe

If your wardrobe only has black, white, grey and such attires, lighten up! Make your wardrobe (and your style) brighter with light polo t-shirts such as yellow, olive green and so on. You could just put them on along with a pair of jeans, converse or boots, a pair of shades and these are enough to look rocking throughout the day, in any weather or occasion.


Add Colours With Flair

Do not shy away from colours. In fact, take in plenty of them and give them your own personal twist such as with a graphical shirt and steel-green jeans. The accessories emphasize the sharpness of this look, especially the pair of chestnut coloured boots that practically scream for attention.


Avoid ‘Dad’ Jeans

If you want to look and feel young, you have to put in some efforts for it. The first step to do this is avoiding elderly clothes. It’s not just the size that fits, but be careful of the trends too. You need the sort of jeans that’s subtle, crispy and elegant. You also need something that can make you look and feel young such as a pair of grey pants.


Add Floral Festivity

Yes, you heard it right. Men can wear floral prints and still look manly! Look at this floral yellow printed shirt as an example. Perhaps one stark difference between men’s floral prints and women’s is that men’s one doesn’t just have flowers but mostly has the entire flower plant or at least the leaves and vines while women’s ones are usually more centered around petals and so on. Add a pair of shades to polish this look further.

Model: Emon & Udoy

Photo: Monjurul Alam

Styling: Syed Ruma

Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom

Wardrobe: Easy Fashion