Do constituents matter?

18 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Six BNP winning candidates of the national election are still to take oath as parliament members. Negotiations are going on between the BNP and the governing Awami League on the terms and conditions for taking the oath. Winning an election is no easy matter. The hopes and dreams of many people are interwoven in the process of a candidate becoming a winner in the national election of a country. Furthermore, nominated candidates themselves invest a huge amount of time, energy and resources to win an election. Therefore, it is sad to see all their efforts go in vain.

 If a winning candidate refuses to take oath to join the parliament, the politician is letting down all those people who voted to bring their chosen candidate to the House. The politician is supposed to speak for them.

 Politicians take part in elections to go to the parliament to work for their constituency. If a politician contests an election, then it goes without saying that s/he wants to take part in the parliamentary process of democracy.

The futility of months of intense hard work, stress, tension and campaign leading to the election day and then waiting with bated breath for the results to come out all seems to be in vain if the winners do not take oath to join the parliament.

What about the people and their hopes and aspirations? They want their candidate to take up their cause in the parliament. They want their representative to speak for them, to bring greater progress and development in their area. The lawmakers-elect are naturally also under a lot of pressure from the people of their constituencies who voted for them to take oath and join the parliament.

The candidates themselves also want to be in parliament as that is why they took nomination, contested the election and won the election battle. But due to their party’s directives they are unable to satisfy the people of their constituencies who now lack representation in the parliament due to their absence. All roads lead to Rome – as the saying goes – so we hope that the BNP MP-elects will take oath as soon as possible and democratically take up their cause in the parliament. Their joining will also further strengthen the country’s democratic process.