Storytelling: A Useful Tool For Your Baby

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18 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A Useful Tool For Your Baby

Most of the elderly people who are from the countryside have the experience of listening to stories at night from their grandmothers or other elderly people in their childhood days. It was a regular routine of the kids that before sleeping they would request the elderly members of their families to tell a story to them. The elderly members also used to tell different stories to the kids enthusiastically. But with the passage of time the trend have faded away. The art of storytelling has suffered seriously after the invention of visual effect provided by technology. Parents these days find it easier to put their children to bed after watching a favourite cartoon or other TV programmes as they think that the storytelling practice is nothing but a simple pleasure of childhood. Many parents feel that showing stories on the TV or Internet is as good as narrating them. But it is not true at all. Telling a story is about interacting with another human being and using one’s imagination to visualize. What seems like a simple pleasure of childhood has many benefits attached to it, and it is important that you take out some time each night to read to your children. Here we put some amazing benefits of storytelling to the kids for our readers:

•    Storytelling helps children to build relation between different concepts. Stories are filled with a variety of characters; big and small, skinny and fat, young and old, quiet and loud, animals of different shapes, sizes, and colours, and much more. All of these form several descriptions, expressed through words. By telling your child stories that come with a meaningful message, you can definitely inculcate qualities like wisdom, courage, honesty, etc. from an early age into your little one.

•    Telling your children stories from your childhood and about various activities and celebrations from your past will make them more familiar about the different customs and traditions prevalent in your family. Sharing stories about various family members will help them learn about their lineage better.

•    Storytelling can be one of the easiest and pleasurable ways to help your child build their vocabulary. Reading out stories to your children helps in making them acquainted with the language as well as in learning new words and phrases. Besides in the process of narrating and listening stories, children sub-consciously learn various other interesting things such as plot building, characterization, climax, values and so on.


•    Most children usually have a lesser attention span and find it difficult to concentrate on something for long though listening is without any doubt one of the most important qualities required to develop excellence in the day-to-day living. Also, they end up talking more, rather than listening. Exposing kids to storytelling will ensure that they not only develop listening skills, but also helps them in being more attentive, building their concentration capacity, and understanding speech modulations from the way the story is presented to them.

•    One of the most common complaints observed is that kids are unable to perform really well in creative writing and they are more repetitive in their craft than having the ability to think out of the box. It is an irony to have a complaint of this nature, as we are living in times that have an access to more creative tools than any previous generation ever had. This can be easily solved by narrating and involving children in stories without any visual aid. Listening to a story helps a child imagine the characters, places, plot etc. instead of seeing it on a visual medium. This also enhances creativity, making them more imaginative and open to ideas and free thinking.

•    By using certain smart ideas, you can use storytelling to help increase your child’s memory. Once you have read out the story, you can ask him to repeat the same after a few days. Alternatively, you can ask him to describe the story. This is a fun way to increase his memory and encourage concentration.

•    Difficult situations can often end up leaving children feeling confused. Stories about various characters facing difficult situations can help them understand this concept better. Try and tell stories that teach children that pain and suffering are a part of life as much as happiness and fun times are. The right stories can help your child become well-equipped to face various situations.