Hear It Straight From An Inspirational Speaker’s Mouth!

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18 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Hear It Straight From An 
Inspirational Speaker’s Mouth!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way - the saying is very true and from time to time many people have proved this by dint of their hard work and determination. Chowdhury Kaiser Mohammad Riyadh is such a name among millions who have struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Each of his self-transformation stories itself is an inspiration! From a stammering person, he has transformed himself into an international inspirational speaker, a self-help educator and a life transformation coach. He is also a global youth ambassador, an SDG advocate and the co-founder of World Happiness & Peace Foundation (applied for registration).

He himself has experienced that the only way to overcome any fear, difficulty or challenge is to go through it and to grow out of it. Public speaking has been his biggest phobia and he kept on running away from this for a long time; but the moment he overcame this fear, self-transformation has become his passion and he has started believing that he could achieve anything. Out of all the possibilities, he chose to inspire youths by his words, thoughts and actions - an adventure that is so close to his heart and which has become the purpose of his life. He is a keen learner of life and he has kept himself open to reading, observing and learning.

Riyadh has decided to dedicate his life to understand human behaviour so that he can help people with human behaviour. He wants to share his research, finding and trials with others to benefit them. He said, “Our society and surroundings define our happiness and success, and we live our lives based on others’ opinions, recognition, approvals and comments. When people’s opinion about us changes, our lives also change and this reflects we don’t control our lives anymore! Being able to ignore people’s opinion about us is one of the biggest successes in our lives. When we love the way we feel about ourselves, that’s the life worth living.” He has also observed that many of our youths are after money, power, fame, status and so on, leaving the principle purpose behind. Riyadh is in a mission to help people define their own happiness and success, discover their inner potentials, change their thoughts/perspectives towards life.


He has been educating students and youths on developing compassion, empathy, gratitude, tolerance, humility, humanity, sense of oneness and other essential human attributes. Since 2015, he has conducted self-help and self-development session in 80+ schools, colleges and universities in over 35 districts of Bangladesh (mostly outside the capital city) and inspired about 10,000 youths so far. Moreover, he was invited to conduct inspirational session in Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia, India and the UK. He was selected to attend many international conferences and seminars on SDGs and other pressing global issues.

Riyadh is an advisor to Global Network for Sustainable Development (GNSD), a USA based NGO. He has also been appointed as the Country Director of Global Peace Chain. He was honored with “Asian Youth Inspiration Award 2018” by Global Youth Parliament. His works were featured in different national TV channels and his sessions have received rave reviews globally among the youths and proven to have been life-changing! His sessions help people to see stuffs through different lens and after the session, participants develop a better perspective on what’s important in life.

Recently, Riyadh was selected to attend HPAIR Harvard College Conference in Harvard University, which was held in February, 2019. HPAIR (Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations) gathers the brightest young people from all over the world, empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change and offering a dynamic forum to understand and to facilitate dialogue on the most important economic, political, and social issues relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. He was selected from a highly selective pool of international applicants to attend this conference along with other 300 potential youths from different countries. IPDC Finance has set a much-needed trend by sponsoring him in this conference. Riyadh has expressed his sincere gratitude to IPDC and he believes that more corporate organizations will also follow the path shown by IPDC and help our youths explore the global platforms.