Exemplary punishment for rape

16 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

No longer should the serious issue of abuse of women in every strata of the society be brushed under the carpet. If strong steps were taken after the cases of Nihar Banu, Shima, Yasmin, Tonu and many unaccounted ones then possibly Nusrat might not have faced such a gruesome death. Now rape and murder of girls are not done in secret but openly by gangs of men like a pack of wolves. Abuse of women reached a peak and is unacceptable

Rape has been used as an instrument of war for centuries. The victorious power in a war, rape the women and plunder the wealth of the defeated power. The Pakistani occupation hyenas raped our women, but they were our enemies in an all out war. How do we explain or give solace to ourselves about the abuse, rape and murder of our women by our own men in peacetime!

The most horrendous thing about the Nusrat Jahan Rafi murder is that the main accused is the principal of the madrasa in which she was a student. Stories are rampant about teachers abusing their position of power to rape female students in their institutions. What will the male students learn from such pervert teachers who are supposed to be role models!

What is worrisome is that the increasing cases of rape and murder will soon desensitise the society and make it a normal happening unless exemplary punishment is carried out now than later.

Why are more and more men of our country taking to rape and murder must be investigated deeply to root out the problem. 

The morality of society is going towards a deplorable direction and we fear it might make women feel more insecure.

Delayed justice is as good as denial of justice. We want a safe environment for all – children, women and men – in the country. We must act now.