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3 Reasons to Use Protein for Muscle Building

11 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

3 Reasons to Use Protein for Muscle Building

If your goal is to build muscle, you will never achieve it without adding a good deal of protein to your life. While carbs and fats play significant roles in your overall energy, nothing is as important for muscles as protein.

Here are three reasons you need to be using protein and protein powders for muscle building:

Protein Provides ATP Energy

Your brain and organs need glucose in order to function, but your muscles rely on a different form of energy—known as ATP. Without those 9 amino acids, your body is unable to produce ATP energy, and the amino acids currently in your body are turned into waste products and eliminated. Without ATP energy, your muscles will have no power to contract, meaning they won’t be able to lift, curl, press, or squat.

Protein Stops Muscle Catabolism

When you exercise (particularly low intensity exercise like jogging or cycling), your body burns all the available energy to ensure that you can keep up with the workout. If your muscles aren’t getting much use (via weightlifting), your body thinks that the muscle tissue is extra energy it can burn to fuel your cardiovascular furnace. You end up losing lean muscle mass because you aren’t using the muscles. But if you eat protein, you are signaling to your body that you will use those muscles. This stops your cardiovascular exercise from breaking down lean muscle mass.

Protein Repairs Muscles

When you lift weights, did you know that you are actually tearing the fibers of muscle tissue? The tears are so small that you aren’t really damaging the muscles to a dangerous extent, but the damage is enough that your body tries to prevent it in the future. It does so by not only lengthening the muscle fibers, but also expanding their capacity to store energy. The next time you lift weights, your body is prepared to handle the damage.