Substandard cables put fire safety at stake

11 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A cable is just a cable, but one can find that it actually means far more than that when one considers the danger associated with the use of substandard cables. We often come across news of fire incidents originating from short-circuits. Substandard electric cables that are mostly concealed in a building have been blamed for most fire incidents in the country.

Experts say that engineers choose cables after calculation of the power load of a circuit in a building. The use of substandard cables leads to accidents triggering fire as it melts or a poor circuit breaker malfunctions leading to a fire. 

According to the Fire Service and Civil Defence statistics, about 7,825 incidents of fire were reported due to short-circuits last year. A staggering 70 per cent of fire in the capital originated from short-circuits. Thus, it is proof enough that these faulty cables or electrical materials are largely responsible for fire.

Some factories are allegedly producing substandard cables and many are counterfeiting cables of well-known companies in the country to maximise profit. Counterfeit cables are difficult to track due to mastery of people in the business. The counterfeit are of poor-quality and low priced drawing more buyers, without realising this saving was putting them in danger.

The law enforcement agencies conduct drives at times against the substandard cable manufacturers and distributors, but they return soon after to continue the illicit trade putting lives in danger.

These unscrupulous manufacturers should be put out of business immediately for the safety of the people who either work or live in structures like FR Tower or even small homes.