Rangamati launch owners start indefinite strike

11 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

RANGAMATI: Rangamati Launch Owner Association went on an indefinite strike on Wednesday demanding an end to plying of speedboats and staff-boats in the Kaptai Lake, reports UNB.

Due to the sudden strike, hundreds of passengers had to suffer as the agitated workers suspended plying of all passengers launches in the lake.

No boat left Rangamati terminal since morning causing severe sufferings to hundreds of locals, especially those who were travelling on the occasion of Baishabi festival, a festival to welcome Biju, Boisu, Bishu, Bihu, Sangrai and Bangla New Year, schedule to begin on April 12.

Earlier on Tuesday, the association’s President Moin Uddin Salim issued a letter in this regard.

However, passengers were stranding at different terminals in Kaptai Lake till filling of this report around 2:00pm.

Waterways are the main means of transport for the people of six upazilas in the district.