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3 Tips to Help Master Strength Training

9 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

3 Tips to Help Master Strength Training

Strength training isn’t rocket science, but there is some science involved. And for some of us, strength training is difficult to understand, all those exercises, sets, reps and workout routines can be confusing. Thankfully there’s some basic strength-training advice that will make everything clear.

Overload Your Muscles

Strength training uses resistance to break muscles down. Thankfully, our muscles respond to this training by growing back bigger and stronger. But, as we have already covered, there will come a time when the same-old-same won’t cut it. That’s because our muscles and body adapt to exercises and the weights that we use. To keep results coming, it’s important to understand the principle of progressive overload. Progressive overload says that we have to continually vary the amount and type of stress or resistance we’re applying to our muscles. You could keep adding weight to the bar, but at some point you’ll reach the maximum amount of weight you can lift.

Mix it Up

This is your chance to get creative in the gym. Use different exercises. Increase the intensity by working faster to complete a workout.No matter how you do it, the goal is to change up your routine. This will help you make strength gains, and it will also help you prevent boredom. You’re muscles can adapt to a training plan, but so can your mind. If you mix up your routine and keep things fresh, you can stay motivated towards achieving your goal.

Work Hard, But Not Too Hard

You should be sore after workouts, but you should never be in pain. Over training is a real thing that happens when you exercise too often, too intensely or use too much weight. Don’t overdo it. Instead, select a weight that you can manage for 10 to 15 repetitions. If you can do more than 15 repetitions, it’s time to add some weight. But, if you’re struggling to complete 10 repetitions, it’s time to back off the weight. If you keep training, you’ll continue to make progress and will be able to increase the weight in no time. Resist the urge to do too much too soon.

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