Pattinson says the script for Nolan’s new movie is ‘unreal’

6 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

In terms of young actors who are out there building a resume with some of the best, most innovative filmmakers in the world, Robert Pattinson is in the ranks with Adam Driver and Rooney Mara, reports Mid-day.

Since leaving his teen franchise roots behind, the actor has consistently aligned with brilliant directors for singular projects, and next on the list is none other than Christopher Nolan. As we reported back in March, Pattinson has signed on for Nolan’s next mystery film, and in keeping with the Nolan tradition, we know next to nothing about it except it’s being described as an “action blockbuster”. Well, now we can at least throw another adjective at it because Pattinson spoke briefly about joining the project and the actor describes the script as “unreal.”

Before rolling into production on Nolan’s film, the actor is doing press rounds for his outstanding and utterly bizarre new sci-fi film High Life, (which pairs him with yet another incredible director, the great Claire Denis), and he told USA Today all about the intense secrecy surrounding Nolan’s project and why he was attracted to his first big-budget project in years.