Ensure compliance with fire safety rules

4 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

In the wake of the frequent fires at busy points of the capital city, all public buildings – offices, markets, restaurants, shopping malls, cinema halls, manufacturing facilities and recreational centres should be monitored for fire-fighting measures and installation of necessary equipment. Although many buildings, including private residential ones are promptly installing fire fighting gears, but it is necessary that the staffs and occupants of the buildings get trained to become familiar with the fire-fighting equipment being installed, else those will be of no avail. Building staffs must be adequately trained otherwise fire fighting equipment will be of no help during crisis times.

All public buildings should organise regular full scale drills to familiarise people with what they must do at times of a fire incident. This would reduce casualties.

It should become part of the standard operating procedures (SOP) of every public building - offices, markets, restaurants, shopping malls, cinema halls, manufacturing facilities and recreational centres, just as emergency safety guidelines are part of every flight that takes off from all over the world every day.

It would be helpful if all over the city the drill is done in unison on the same date and time. In that case almost no one, except perhaps those who are commuting at that particular time, will miss the training. If important government establishments also take part in the procedures then ordinary people everywhere will be further inspired to continue the practice of fire drill once a month.

In addition to the above mentioned steps, for additional public safety crowded marketplaces containing huge amount of flammable or combustible items like clothes, fabric, plastic, paper and synthetic materials should be under close supervision around the year to prevent any untoward happenings. Popular markets like Bangabazar, Hawkers Market, Mouchak Market, Gawsia Market, Nilkhet Book Market, New Market, etc., in the capital should form fire safety committees from among the shopkeepers and salespersons as well as the owners on a rotation basis to ensure compliance with fire safety measures and prevent any tendency to become lax.