Sonali bag to replace polybag

3 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

It is delighting that the golden fibre is going to revive its lost glory through golden bags, a product made from jute but almost similar in longevity and strength to the widely used, popular and cheap packaging solution, polythene. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directed the authorities to diversify the use of jute through research and invention. As a result of the enhanced research, the golden bag has been discovered finally. It is a magnificent piece of news that the product will appear in the local market in May or June under the initiative of the Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation.

 Unlike the harmful polythene bag, the jute bag is fully bio-degradable, sustainable, recyclable and environment-friendly. These attributes have made the product unique and competitive in the global market. Amid the growing concern of high-scale use of polythene bags and their detrimental impacts on the environment, developed countries are in desperate search of a viable option. The golden bag has the potential to substitute the polythene bag and hence to grab a large market worldwide for the environment-compliant packaging alternatives. It is encouraging to note that many local and international companies have already shown keen interest in buying golden bags.

There is no need to mention that widespread use of the polythene bags continue to harm the environment and how it has become a major concern in keeping the drainage system in the country in a workable state. Initially, the higher cost is a barrier to replace the polythene bags with golden bags. Though the bags from jute are pricy in comparison with the polythene bags, it is sure that the price per unit will not remain higher if the newly-invented merchandise is produced in large quantity. So, the immediate challenge is to produce the golden bag in large quantity.

As reported, the government has already taken an initiative to establish a plant equipped with automatic machines to produce the golden bags to meet the local as well as overseas demand. Hopefully, the plant will be operational within a short time. Thus, surely, we are stepping in a new era of reviving the glory of jute as the golden fibre of Bangladesh.