Friday, 28 January, 2022

hair care

Titbits About Trimming

Life is full of paradoxes and one such paradox is that which surrounds haircut. While we all want to possess beautiful long hair, sometimes the best way to get there is by cutting hair! Yes, you have heard it right! Many women simply neglect this step and aim for their Repunzel aspirations. However, in time, they end up with dry damaged hair. They ultimately have to cut a lot of it then because they didn’t cut it when it was the right time.


Causes of split ends

Before we get into what causes them, let’s answer a more important question – what are split ends? Strands of your hair begin to develop split ends when the hair cuticle (outer protective sheath) gets damaged and begins to wear off. This leads to the delicate inner layer of your hair to get exposed and weakened or dehydrated, which, in turn, causes split ends. Unfortunately, there are a ton of factors that could be contributing to your split ends malady. You might be detangling your hair aggressively or detangling it when it’s wet. Hair can be damaged by sun. Chemical treatments and styling tools could also contribute to it. Another factor is the lack of proper nutrition. While we would want to believe that splits go away on their own, that’s not true. Split ends rob your hair of its lively glow and make it look brittle, dull and lifeless.


Ways to fix it

No amount of conditioning, hair masks, and spa treatments can restore the shine back in your hair unless you trim off the split ends. There are two ways to trim your hair:


Hair twisting method

Hair twisting is a traditional method of trimming split ends and is actually the method even professional hair-dressers use! Pick up a 1-inch section of hair and tightly twist it in a clockwise manner from the roots to tips. Hold this twisted section of hair taut at the ends. If you have twisted the hair tightly enough, you will see the split ends sticking out from the twisted section. Starting from the top of the section and working your way down, trim off these split ends that are sticking out. Now, re-twist this same section but in a counter-clockwise direction and cut off the split ends in the same manner. Repeat this process throughout your hair.


Hair sliding method

Hair sliding is a more unconventional method that not many people know about. Apply a heat protectant and straighten your hair (you can obviously skip this step if you already have straight hair). Use a wide toothed comb to remove all the knots and tangles from your hair. Pick up a 1-inch section of hair. Starting at the roots, weave this section of your hair under your index finger, over your middle finger, and under your ring finger. Thus, you will see your hair only above your middle finger. Thanks to this weaving action, you will able to see the split ends sticking out above your middle finger. Snip off these split ends with the hair trimming scissors. With the hair still remaining woven through your fingers, slowly slide your fingers down the section of hair and trimming off the split ends in the same manner. Continue this sliding and trimming motion until you have reached the end of the section. Then, just follow this same procedure all over your hair.

You could also simply just trim your hair. Make sure you eat well, avoid direct heat, and use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to prevent future damage.