Things To Master In Your 30s

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28 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Things To 
Master In Your 30s

Life is all about learning. It is said that people who are ready to learn are more likely to achieve their goals in life. Life comes to you with its own ups and down. As you grow older, there are many things you face and you can learn many things from them. Even then as we cannot learn everything from our personal experience, it is better for you to know the right thing to do at each stage. Here is a list of life lessons individual needs to know when they step into their 30s. If you are still lacking in any area; this is the time to evaluate yourself and adjust accordingly.

Start saving: This is one of the common tips for everyone. But many people do not know when they should start saving for their retirement. When you reach your thirties, this is the crucial stage for saving. Do not wait until your 40s to start saving. Saving is one of the ways to secure your future. The earlier you start saving your hard earned cash, the better. Learn to save the little you make if you want to secure your future.

Begin taking care of your health: In our social context this is the busiest time in our life and we often think there is no need for taking care of our health at this stage. But this is not true actually. The time to start caring about your health is now. Eat a well-balanced diet and work out on a regular basis for good health. Avoid things that can ruin your health such as smoking, alcohol and other substances.


Don’t spend time with boring
We have to deal with a lot of people in everyday life. We all deal with a lot of crappy people in our teens and twenties. But 30s is the time to get rid of people who bring nothing but baggage. You do not need them anymore. Rather you should only relate with the people who treat you well in life. Hang around persons who will inspire you to greatness. Moreover you should connect with the people you care deeply about. Whether it is your friends, family members or co-workers, spend time with people who make you laugh, smile, and enjoy life.

Do the things you are best at: We, most of the time, try to do everything, no matter whether we can complete the job or not. But the reality is you cannot do everything. It took people a long time to realize this, especially when it comes to work. So pick one or two skills you enjoy doing and master those skills. If you can do so, you will be able to build a very successful career out of this.


Take risks: There is common saying that 30s is the best time for settling down. But you should not care much rather you should keep taking risks in this stage of life. The reason is that you will be able to pick the best possible option from your firsthand experience. Do not feel scared. If you can overcome fear, you will be rewarded in time.

Invest in your family: We talked about investing your money into a retirement account but here’s the other way to invest your money: on your family. Whether you have a spouse, children, siblings, or parents who are still around, spend your money doing nice things for others you love and care about. It feels so much better than spending it on yourself.

Stop fretting over little stuff: Little, trivial things that seem to be a matter of life and death in your 20s are not so important in your 30s anymore. And guess what? The same will be the case in your 40s. So stop focusing on trivial issues that do not matter much.

Go with the flow: In your 30s, different bad things may happen to you. You may lose your job or people you love may die. But the reality is that life will go on. Take some time every day to reflect on that and be thankful. And then learn to live in the moment. If you do this, your thirties will be the best phase of your life.