Eateries serve rotten meats | 2019-03-27 |

Eateries serve rotten meats

Sohel Hossain Patwary

27 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A section of well-known eateries in Dhaka and Chattogram cities are allegedly serving dishes made of imported rotten meats, putting the consumers at serious health risk.

Rapid Action Battalion sources said at least 268 hotels and restaurants in the two cities are doing the unethical business round the year, deceiving the consumers.

The eateries buy the date-expired rotten meats from a section of businessmen who import them from Ethiopia, India and Australia, the sources said.

According to them, the hoteliers buy the inedible meats at almost half the price of fresh meats in the markets, making ‘double profit’ from their sales of food items.

Recently, RAB seized around 83 tonnes of imported rotten meats from several cold storages in the cities.

A RAB list shows that the eateries which buy rotten meats include Allhar Dan in Moddho Badda, Sonargaon Hotel in Moghbazar, Tajmahal Kabab, Bismillah Hotel Karwan Bazar, Kamal Hotel in Nikunja, Mayer Dua in Shahjadpur, Apurbo Hotel, Sonali Hotel, Vai Vai Hotel, Badda Kabab, Sojib Mangso Bitan, Vaiggokul Hotel, Al-Noor Restaurant, Shada Vat Gulshan-1, Dolma Restaurant, Allahar Dan (Moghbazar), Hassan Mangsho Bitan, Amontron Restaurant (Banani), Bijoy 71 hotel, Mugol Dorbar Hotel, Bismillah (Fokirapool), Café Jil, Changpai Restaurant, Café Green, Royal Biriyani, Food Village, Khorshed Uttara, Khaja Kabab, Hayder Ali-Prince Restaurant, Mama Hotel Malibagh, Kacha Lonka Hotel, Lalbagh Biriyani (Maniknagar), Allahar Dan (Mughda), Spring Onion (Uttara), Modina Biriyani, Modina Hotel (Haji Camp), Lamisa Enterprise-Distributor, Bhuter Adda, Fresh Chicken, Rabbi Hotel, Abul Hotel Café, Café Grand and Restaurant,  Ma Radhuni, Sayed Catering, Maspi Hotel and many other hotel and restaurant across the Dhaka city. Besides, Kashem Hotel, Hotel Aliha and Arman Comillah in Chattogram were also buyers of imported rotten meats.

Among those sellers, Deshi Super Agro Ltd, Safe and Fresh Cold Storage, Sikuji Cold Storage in Dhaka’s Tejgaon and SB Storage Ltd in Chattogram Road were the importers who had been selling rotten imported meats that expired a year ago.

The RAB team seized 800 mounds from Deshi Super Agro Ltd and Sikuji Cold Storage, 1100 mounds from Deshi Agro and 320 mounds from SB Storage Ltd.

Executive Magistrate Sarwar Alam, who conducted the drives, said the rotten meats were being supplied mostly to the well-known hotel and restaurants in Dhaka and Chattogram. The dates of most of these imported meats have expired more than a year ago.

More drives will be conducted to detect those unscrupulous businessmen in the cities in the greater interest of the consumers, the magistrate said.

People are unknowingly eating those unhealthy foods which are harmful for human body, he said.