Coaching centres to remain closed | 2019-03-26 |

HSC Exams

Coaching centres to remain closed

Staff Correspondent

26 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The government on Monday asked the owners of coaching centres to suspend their activities during the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations, beginning next month, across the country.

The instruction came from a meeting of the National Monitoring and Law Enforcers’ Committee of the Ministry of Education ahead of the HSC and equivalent exams scheduled to begin on April 1.

After the meeting, education minister Dr Dipu Moni at a press conference at her ministry office said, “All coaching centres across the country will remain closed from April 1 to May 6 during HSC and equivalent exams.”

The minister warned of stern action against those trying to leak out question papers.

 “The law enforcement agencies and the district administration will take stern action against those involved in question paper leak or in supply of answers to examinees. 

Dipu Moni said only the secretaries of the examination centres will be allowed to use feature mobile phone, not smart phone, at the centres during examinations.

As in previous examinations, all candidates will have to be seated at their respective halls 30 minutes prior to the examinations.

“If anyone is late, they will have to provide a valid reason for the delay,” she added.      

The ministry also slapped a ban on use of mobile phones and electronic devices within a 200-metre radius of examination centres.

The ministry data shows that a total of 13,51,505 students—- 66,4,496 boys and 687,009 girls—-will participate in this year’s HSC and equivalent examinations in 2,580 examination centres from 9,081 educational institutions across the country.

Of the 11,38,747 HSC candidates, 573812 are boys and 564935 girls, will take part in HSC examinations under eight general education boards in 1,461 centres from 4,506 institutions across the country.

A total of 2,65,555 students from Science Agriculture and Home Economics group, 6,05876 from Humanities, Islamic studies and Music group and 2,67,316 from Business Studies group will sit in the HSC examinations under eight general boards. 

Meanwhile, a total of 88,451 students will sit for Alim (HSC) examinations under Madrassa education board in 449 centres from 2702 institutions and a total of 1,24,264 students will sit from 1,855 institutions under Technical education board.

The written tests will conclude on May 5. The practical examinations will begin on May 12 which will conclude on May 21.