Hair Care: Hot Weather In Consideration | 2019-03-25 |

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Hair Care: Hot Weather In Consideration

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25 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Hair Care: Hot Weather In Consideration

You may think that dry seasons are the worst times for your hair! However, hot ones can be just as bad. There are three major culprits working together to bring down your best hair, and they also happens to be the things we love the most about this season: sun, water, and wind.

While the sun might seem like a good thing, it’s actually taking a toll on your hair. The sun is working overtime beaming down on your head and dehydrating your mane. The result is drier, more brittle hair; basically leaving you with more fragile strands that can be susceptible to longer term damage. The UVA/UBA rays from the sun are harmful to our hair, and scalp! Each strand of hair is a complex, multi-layered protein that when aggravated by harmful sun rays can result in loss of natural pigment, dullness, or less elasticity. With the sudden rainfall, water is also not too good. Last but not least, the wind is also a slow torturer to your hair. With these three elements constantly at work, you need to bring up your line of defense:


Get A Hair Mask

If you’re worried that your hair is looking dull or dry, give it the extra healing treatment it needs! Put on a restorative mask to restore, moisturize, and strengthen dry hair. You can do this at home or at the parlour. Wherever you get it done, make sure you do it!


Get A Trim

Trimming split ends will help with your overall hair health as well as maintaining your polished haircut. By frequently trimming your ends, you’ll help prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft.


Give Hot Styling Tools A Rest

Hot and dry summer air is already acting as your ambient hairdryer, so opt for a more natural look to save your hair from unnecessary heat. Forgo heat styling tools and hair dryers if possible (or at least cut your drying time down). The extra, dry heat from styling tools in addition to the hot air outside is only undoing any of the extra moisturizing you’ve been doing. Anyway, who doesn’t love those laid-back beach waves or low-key buns? Save the hot-styling for cooler temperatures!


Curb Greasy Hair

Even though we love the summer weather, it can kick our scalp’s oil production into high-gear. Dry, hot weather sends a signal to the sebaceous glands in our scalp to produce more oil. Pores can become clogged with oil, which can lead to hair loss and overall greasiness. Use a good quality shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner to keep your scalp healthy and clean.


Cover Your Hair

This is more than just a little extra flair to boho look. Get a hat or put on a dupatta/scarf. Covering your hair will help your head remain cool and also protect your hair and scalp.

Last but not least, make sure you drink plenty of water. It’s easy to get dehydrated with so much heat out there. Dehydration also takes a toll on your hair. So stay hydrated and stay healthy!