BNP’s Dhaka city units in disarray | 2019-03-24 |

BNP’s Dhaka city units in disarray

Absence of full-fledged committees frustrates leaders, activists

Mohammad Al Amin

24 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The leaders and activists of BNP’s Dhaka north and Dhaka south city units have become frustrated and inactive, as full-fledged committees of the units have not yet been formed.

Though around two years have elapsed since formation of the partial committees of the units, initiatives have not yet been taken by the party high command to form the full-fledged committees.

The organisational structures of the two units have already become weak in the absence of full-fledged committees, sources said.

“We could not make full-fledged committee for various reasons. Now many of the leaders have already become inactive while others are on the run,” said Kazi Abul Bashar, general secretary of Dhaka south city unit.

 Though the tenure of the committee is two years, decision has not yet been taken to form the full-fledged committees, he said.  “We cannot disclose our full-fledged committee as we did not get necessary directives from the party high command,” Ahsanullah Hasan, general secretary of Dhaka north city unit, told daily sun on Friday.

Presently, the leaders and activists are now attending various programmes being organized by the party high-ups. They are working on how to rejuvenate and strengthen the party, he said.

When asked about formation of full-fledged committee, the leader said, “If the central command wants, it will be done soon”.

The leaders and activists of the city units are unhappy as the party high command failed to declare the full-fledged committees of all thana and ward units of the city, a party insider said requesting anonymity.

The party men are also losing their interest in carrying out regular organisational activities and political programmes, he also said.

Some leaders of both the city units told the same that the formations of full-fledged committees have got stuck due to internal conflict among the top leaders.

Meanwhile, a number of top leaders of both the units are either on the run or staying abroad for a long in the face of lawsuits filed against them, sources said.

Absence of many senior leaders is also delaying the declaration of the full-fledged committees, the sources said.

Meantime, some of the leaders, who had become extremely frustrated, resigned from the party. 

Dhaka North City unit vice president Shahab Uddin, also assistant finance secretary of central body of BNP and Kotowali thana unit BNP organizing secretary Molla Saiful resigned, sources said.

 The offices of both the units at Nayapaltan also remain locked as no leaders go there. Most leaders and activists of the city units also do not attend different programmes of the party.

Though BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alasmgir told several times that they would restructure the party to strengthen it, steps have not yet been seen in this regard, a party insider said.

A senior leader of the party said they couldn’t declare the full-fledged committees in the fear of outburst of the annoyance of the aggrieved leaders and activists before the 11th parliament election.

Some BNP insiders said that the senior leaders will sit with the leaders of the district units of the party in May next to discuss the district level organisational activities. The party’s acting chairman Tarique Rahman may also join the meeting through video conferencing.

However, several leaders of both the units said they would not take part in the organisational activities, if full-fledged committees are not formed.

The party activists will do the same as they have already lost interest in carrying out political activities, an insider said.

Before landing in jail, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia asked the top leaders several times to complete the formation of the full-fledged committees of Dhaka south, north and different thana and ward units. But her directive is yet to be implemented, BNP sources said.

The current partial committees of both the units were announced on April 18, 2017 through a press release signed by BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.

A number of leaders and activists of the city units were not satisfied with the committees, as the committees were formed with many inactive and opportunist leaders, some leaders alleged.

M Abdul Qayyum and Ahsan Ullah Hasan were made the president and general secretary of the 66-member committee of Dhaka north unit while Habib-un-Nabi Khan Sohel and Kazi Abul Bashar were made the president and general secretary of the 70-member Dhaka south unit of BNP respectively.

The partial committees were asked to complete the formation of full-fledged committees in a month. But they did not do so.

Talking to the daily sun, a number of leaders and activists of both the units alleged they cannot communicate with the top leaders of the city units of BNP over the phone and cannot meet them at their residences also.

Dhaka north city BNP president has been staying in Malaysia for long while Dhaka south city BNP president Habib-un-Nabi Khan Sohel is staying jail, they added.

The tenure of the committees of 24 thana units of Dhaka south and 26 thana units of Dhaka north have expired long ago but no new committee has been declared there, some BNP activists said.

In July 2014, the outgoing unified Dhaka city unit convening committee was made with Mirza Abbas as the convener and Habib-un-Nabi Khan Sohel as member secretary.