106 ADP projects end incomplete | 2019-03-24 | daily-sun.com

106 ADP projects end incomplete

Hasibul Aman

24 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Some 106 development schemes under ADP were declared completed last year although the project work was not actually finished.

The findings were revealed in the latest ADP evaluation report of the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) prepared for the 2017-18 fiscal year.

Economist analysts see this trend as against public sector financial discipline as well as wastage of public money.

Such practices can not ensure the proper outcome of the scheme to the beneficiaries that had been intended for, they added.

For instance, energy and mineral resources division initiated a Tk 1,040 crore project in 2014 to construct a gas transmission pipeline from Maheshkhali to Anwara. 

But the project authorities declared it a finished scheme after Tk 853.53 crore was spent up to June 2018 of the estimated project cost.

The project’s financial progress was found to be 80.08 per cent while its physical progress was 82.68 per cent.

For 2017-18FY, the government set a target to complete a total of 292 ADP projects. Of them, 188 were finished until June last year and another 58 projects, outside the targeted ones, also ended last year, IMED officials informed.

In total, work of 246 projects was declared closed last year, but only 140 of them witnessed 100 per cent of their project work finished.

The IMED report, however, did not mention any specific reasons for declaring the 106 unfinished projects complete.

“Sometimes it is found that any components of such projects are transferred to another project or a new project can be undertaken to finish the incomplete components. There might have been various such reasons behind such practice,” argued an IMED high-up.

He also disagreed with the notion that such practices are against financial or planning discipline.

BEPZA’s construction of factory buildings in EPZs project also falls under this category. Although declared finished, its financial progress was 79 per cent and physical progress was 80.88 per cent. 

Similarly, agribusiness for trade competitiveness project saw 70.88 per cent financial progress when it was declared a complete scheme.

Establishing a national marine research institute (first phase) project also saw 84.77 per cent financial progress and 95 per cent physical progress.

The Rural livelihood (second phase) project saw a 56.47 per cent financial progress with 60 per cent physical progress.

The project to conduct financial and technical feasibility for setting up a land-based LNG terminal saw 56.21 per cent progress while its physical progress was 73.40 per cent.

Also, the rendering ducks in hatchery (third phase) project financially advanced 86.11 per cent and physically 86.13 per cent, and economic census 2013 project witnessed 83 per cent financial progress and 84.33 per cent physical progress.