IGC organises development economics conference

Metro Desk

23 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The International Growth Centre (IGC) organised its Annual Development Economics Conference at Dhaka's Six Seasons Hotel on Thursday.

Academics from top universities in Europe and the United States including - London School of Economics, University of Stockholm, Sciences Po, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of California Berkeley - presented their research on Bangladesh, Rwanda, Liberia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Italy at the conference.

LGRD Minister M Tazul Islam was present at the concluding session in the conference as the chief guest. He pointed out how the government is taking steps in the right direction with major focus on productive sectors of the economy.

Former adviser to the government and eminent economist Prof Wahiduddin Mahmud talked about the importance of policy relevant research and how organisations like IGC can meaningfully contribute to the government's policy formulation exercise.

LSE's Professor Oriana Bandiera, along with IGC's Adnan Khan and Johns Hopkins' Daniel Honig spoke about the importance of autonomy in public sector procurement and how unnecessary rules often lead to unintended consequences.

Findings from Anna Tompsett's study on access to safe drinking water shed new light on what makes 'collective action' fail and what sorts of tweaks in group-size can make it succeed.