Please act to make roads safe | 2019-03-21 |

Please act to make roads safe

21 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

It is really unwanted to see people, especially the students, taking charge of the capital’s streets to demand something that should have been corrected earlier. And very often the promises made just wither away with time, resulting in the current chaos on the roads. It has almost become a rule irrespective of whether the issue at hand is less important in nature or a life and death question. Demand, promise; again demand, again promise –such is the vicious cycle that we find difficult to break.

Many instances of such cycles can be cited but for now deaths on roads and highways is the most burning issue. Many people die under speeding wheels every day, taking the country’s death toll to a record high in the world. However, deaths of ordinary people usually remain unheeded but whenever an important person or one having a large number of followers is killed, people in their thousands come down to the street and then we again realise the gravity of the issue that cannot be kept waiting.

The saddening death of Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury on Tuesday made it clear to all that no change has taken place in the country’s road safety situation. Road safety promises still remain unfulfilled. Even directives from the Prime Minister’s Office in the wake of massive student protest last July went unheeded due to indifferent attitudes and negligence of duties of the authorities concerned.

Sudden deaths of individuals have multifarious socio-economic implications for the entire society, particularly for the near and dear ones of the victims. The unsafe road situation should not be allowed to continue any more. It hardly matters to the common people to know who are responsible for the frightening reality. They want an immediate end to this unacceptable situation. No more excuses or blame game. Please get into action right now to make roads safe and ensure people’s rights to normal deaths.