Low efficiency in hospitals unacceptable

19 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A hospital is for providing patients with healthcare services without which it is useless, leave aside saving lives. Though the Kuwait Bangladesh Friendship Hospital in the city's Uttara area was declared as a public hospital in 2001, but it has failed to take off due to inadequate manpower and medical equipment.

Whereas the number of doctors, hospital beds and other facilities per thousand patients is one of the lowest in the country, it appears those concerned to utilise it at its fullest have little interest serving mankind.

We cannot afford such bureaucratic tangles which is totally acceptable. After declaring the health service provider a public one, a seasonal time has elapsed but there is no visible change, thanks to lack of accountability.

It is learnt that the hospital does not have any permanent staff, including nurses, physicians and lab technicians. Though there is an organogram, the hospital’s vital posts remain vacant. Also, with the absence of any operation theatre, surgery department and other essential medical instruments, one wonders if this can be called a hospital at all.

We cannot be sure that public hospitals and clinics across the country are free from the vice of poor management, lack of accountability and corruption. This situation continues to encourage private sector players to give low-quality services.

The government is spending a lot of money in the health sector. It can realise the goal of taking medical services to the doorsteps of the people to a large extent by streamlining discipline in the management of the healthcare institutions. It is only natural that urgent steps are needed to make such hospitals functional immediately or count more for treating patients, most of whom can ill-afford the cost of treatment.