Tigers’ security, no scope of callousness | 2019-03-18 | daily-sun.com

Tigers’ security, no scope of callousness

18 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

This editorial could have been written on Bangladesh National Cricket Team’s performance in their New Zeeland tour, which is utterly disappointing. However, that performance evaluation took a backseat as the cricketers narrowly escaped a gruesome terrorist attack that left at least 50 people dead. Now security issues have come to the fore.

The incident in New Zeeland revealed that the authorities had left the cricketers’ safety and security to the chances. There was not a single security officer to escort the team when they went to the Christchurch mosque to offer Jummah prayers. When they were about to enter the mosque, by sheer chance, a passer-by warned them that an orgy of killing was taking place inside the mosque. Then they backed off and ran to safety and that too without any security in place.

We are baffled by this lack of security by the Kiwis for our players, whereas we provide multiple layers of security to foreign teams when they visit Bangladesh. Was it an act of indifference by host New Zeeland to Bangladesh team or overconfidence regarding their law and order? True, New Zeeland has been a very peaceful country where terror attack was un-heard of until Friday. But, members of national team of any country are national assets and none should take it for granted that no harm would come to them.

However, the horrific shooting incident has come as a wakeup call for Bangladesh Cricket Board. The Board boss has already vowed that in the future players’ security would be on the top of the list and ensure whatever is required for the safety of our Tigers.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina spoke on those lines also and rightly questioned why New Zealand had not done their job as far as our cricket team is concerned.

International Cricket Council should ensure equal security plans for all teams before endorsing any tournament or bilateral series. Moreover, the idea of sending our own security personnel along with the national team, as is the practice of English and Australian cricket boards, is also getting momentum.

We will not accept anything less than a full-proof security for our cricket boys. We thank Allah for safely returning our Tigers to their homes.