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Positives and negatives of being outspoken

Nusrat Ismail Nishi

17 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Directness is the quality of being plain and straightforward. Honesty and courage is the pedestal of being outspoken. Even if it sometimes shocks or offends people, an outspoken person expresses their opinion. But the query arises when is being outspoken a blessing or a curse?

Sometimes people evaluate others by making direct comments. They describe others rudely. They don't flatter and are always bluntly saying everything in the most unlikely places, sometimes even in public, which can be humiliating. These are known as troublemakers! For example, if a straightforward person invokes a person as fat/thin in front of others, s/he would feel very insulted. His/her reputation may get affected and s/he won't like it. The outspoken person can be sarcastic, but they shouldn't be so. As criticism also plays a role in the process of straightforwardness! A civilised person shouldn't comment on physical appearances, nature or activity hurting the sentiment of others.

In religious scriptures it is written that a word uttered once cannot be taken back. People shouldn't lose their senses when they speak. Once I was also like that. Thankfully, as one of my friend made me aware of this, I mended myself! People should learn not to speak hurtfully and accept others as the way they are.

But straightforward people don't let others dominate them. Injustice can't happen before their eyes. They always stand up for themselves and also for others. Leadership quality also lurks in them. They can be the emblem of inspiration! Such ideals are born with their protesting voice because of their directness. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is a burning example of it. His speech of 7th March was so intense that our people got a leader. Our freedom was achieved because of his fierce enunciation. 

Approximately 7.8 billion people are resident of the world.  Everyone is different in many aspects from all others. We don't know the life battle behind each person. So we shouldn't utter negative words without reason. If a person is wrong in any way, then an outspoken person can be a blessing in speaking up against them. One should use positive words to let others understand their point of view. There always remains beautiful ways to express oneself. One just needs to find suitable words and with their blissful words make sure to be fairly outspoken. Otherwise there won't remain any time before turning outspokenness into a curse!


The writer is a student of Department of English, Chittagong Independent University