BSMRSTU Law Department strives to excel | 2019-03-17 |

BSMRSTU Law Department strives to excel

Fatema Tuz Zinia

17 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

BSMRSTU Law Department strives to excel

As the first science and technology university of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University established Department of Law from 2015-16 academic session. Its vision is to produce lawyers who will serve client, the justice system and the public with positive accomplishment and a commitment to the high ideals of legal profession.

The department is enriched with a set of young, energetic and enthusiastic faculty members with a proven track record of academic excellence from home and abroad. It provides opportunities to the students not only for professional and intellectual development it also prepares them to act as agents of social change. With an updated academic syllabus this department has debating society, language club and mooting society to make students eligible for future competition by developing their skills. As a part of skill development initiatives, the department arranges court visit programme so that students can learn the court proceeding practically.

Besides these the department frequently arranges seminar and workshop on various contemporary national and international legal and human rights issues. Around 450 students are currently studying in undergraduate programme of the department.

Md. Rabiul Awal a second year student of this department says "My ambition is to become a justice. I was admitted in this department in 2017. I think our teachers are more sincere and cooperative than any other university teachers. They always pay attention to our needs and are very passionate about helping us to realise our career goals. They are not only careful about our education but also careful about our physical and mental fitness. If we are facing any problem they always provide all types of supports. I am very proud to be a student of this department.”

Dr. Raziur Rahman a Cyber Crime Specialist and an assistant professor of this department says "Our academic syllabus is more updated and better than any other universities of Bangladesh. In four-year undergraduate programme students learn about 46 law courses. As we are providing Clinical Legal Education System our students can easily realise the importance of those courses. Though our primary emphasis is to prepare lawyers to serve the legal profession with legal competence gained through the academic programmes, we are also providing help to those students who seek careers in other disciplines such as the administrative service, development sector and corporate management. We hope each of our students will be able to fulfil their ambition after graduation.”

About the future plans and expectations of the Department Md. Abdul Kuddus Miah, Dean of BSMRSTU Law Faculty says "We started our undergraduate programme from 2016 and we will start our post graduation programme from January 2020. There is no session-jot and we are always trying to ensure quality education with all types of facilities for our students.”

He says, “I expect that the Faculty of Law will gain the status of one of the best law schools in our country and students of the faculty become skilled lawyers and be successful in their chosen career.

The writer is a student of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, Gopalganj