Unite against extremism, racism | 2019-03-17 | daily-sun.com

Unite against extremism, racism

17 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

We join the world today in condemning the Christchurch massacre in the strongest terms and express our hatred against this shameless act of terrorism. This deadliest manslaughter in recent history took place in a country known as one of the most peaceful and safest countries of the world.

Indeed, we fully agree to what New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said after the terrorist attack that for the Kiwis March 15 will be labelled as one of its darkest and saddest days in history. 

It is extremely shocking that in the worst-ever mass shooting in New Zealand, so many lives, including several Bangladeshis, were lost with many being treated in hospitals.

However, it is a matter of great relief that members of the Bangladesh cricket, our beloved Tigers, in one of God’s miracle act narrowly escaped death.

Who were the victims? They were none other than a group of Muslim devotees saying their weekly prayer in two mosques. These innocent devotees were neither a party to any war nor, in any way, a threat to peace and tranquillity of New Zealand or the world at large.

Yet the right-wing extremists and no less than terrorists targeted them to vent racial hatred.

The hate monger resorted to this mindless massacre to terrorise the Muslim migrants who fled to Europe and other parts of the world to escape war in Syria and adjoining areas. The “Christchurch butcher” had reportedly planned to drive away immigrants from Europe. Only a lunatic in his delirium fantasy can think of such a mission impossible.

Another aim of the mass shooting was reportedly to avenge the deaths in a truck attack at central Stockholm in April 2017. But hatred can only generate hatred and lead to deaths of more people.

We strongly oppose militancy and extremism of all sorts – be that be in the name of religion or racism. Bangladesh is already a role model in fighting extremism or terrorism. The world community should stand strong against such horrifying trends of extremism and racism and close their ranks to fight global threat of militancy.