Dhaka’s deadly dust | 2019-03-16 | daily-sun.com

Dhaka’s deadly dust

16 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Dust pollution in Dhaka is growing by default as it is one aspect of pollution which has not received adequate attention. Researchers have found presence of heavy metal in all 88 areas of the capital, which means the residents of this growing capital city are breathing polluted air. Everyone – rich or poor – is affected by it, with children as the worst victims.

The source of pollution in the air is the gas emitted from vehicles and construction sites. Dust pollution has become so severe that now it is visible in plain eyes as there is a layer of black dust in the air. Unplanned road digging, industrial emissions and brick kilns around the city are some other major culprits.

But it seems the authorities concerned are least concerned to tackle this problem. Hardly anyone has been taken to task for polluting the air. And the fear is that it is slowly worsening to become as worse as it is in the Indian capital of New Delhi.

We feel it is time to wake up of those concerned and urgently take steps to ensure further pollution is halted, otherwise we will have a generation suffering from communicable disease which are spread through dust.

The solution to this problem is complex. We cannot stop the wheels of urbanisation. What we can do is to take pollution prevention or mitigation strategies. All construction sites in the city should be covered up in such ways that dust does not spread from there. Water should be sprinkled in dust-prone areas twice a day. Besides, people should be encouraged to use clean or environment friendly fuel in vehicles. Use of hybrid or electric vehicles can also be encouraged. Factory and industry owners should be asked to follow a less-polluting production process.

Last but not least, trees are best natural solution to air pollution. Sadly, the city has lost its green sheens. Afforestation on roadsides and roof-top gardening can be effective in the fight against the deadly dust.