PM’s call for service to humanity | 2019-03-16 |

PM’s call for service to humanity

16 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

With the meteoric growth of the country in the socio-economic front under the efficient and able leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the number of wealthy people in our society has increased manifold over the years. While the rise of this affluent stratum is the natural and inevitable offshoot of the country’s development spree, they – in return – have also contributed much to the economic advancement of Bangladesh. Many of them have also played important role in the service of humanity, but they need to spread outside the corporate social responsibility.

With the clear objective of motivating rich people to contribute more to the service of fellow human beings, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked the affluent sections of the society to come forward in a big way for the welfare of the poor and the hungry. It hardly needs to be mentioned that Sheikh Hasina is herself a kind-hearted person who, like her father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, has immense love for the countrymen and dedicated her life to serve their causes.

Increasing income inequality among the rich and the poor in our society is a sad reality. More than twenty per cent of the people are still languishing in abject poverty and are deprived of many basic human needs like education and healthcare. Contribution of the affluent sections of the population can bring down their misery and help them get essential services. Ranada Prasad Shaha, who spent generously for the promotion of women education and services to the distressed people, is a role model of selfless social service. RP Shaha has secured a permanent place for himself in the hearts of millions through his philanthropic activities. Sheikh Hasina asked well-off people to follow Shaha’s example.

We hope, the wealthy people in our society will contribute bountifully for the wellbeing of the common people. Their gift will not only lessen the sufferings of the distressed humanity but also help achieve the lofty goals of eradicating poverty and establishing social justice, as envisioned by the Prime Minister.