Destruction that makes us happy | 2019-03-15 |

Destruction that makes us happy

15 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The connotations suggested by terms like damage, destruction and demolition, as opposed to positive ideas generated by production and construction, makes us unhappy because those gives us a negative picture of developments taking place. But if we look at the word destruction from a different perspective it makes us happy and inspires all to heartily welcome such pursuits where the word is used in good development.

The ongoing tough move to demolish illegal structures on grabbed land and those on the banks of major rivers which are a source of livelihood for millions have been widely welcomed.

Powerful quarters have always grabbed land and have again, illegally, built structures or sold them in the name of housing plots. These criminal offences must be dealt with severely as those behind such actions have hurt the environment at a time we are faced with the challenges of climate change, besides spoiling the beauty of cities and towns.

We congratulate Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for taking a tough stand against these criminals and giving an ear to the environmentalists. Previous regimes kept their eyes shut and allowed more land grabbing and activities that have almost killed the Buriganga and Turag Rivers.

Let us hope that the authorities would follow the premier’s instructions and without fear or favour complete the important national task.

The land grabbers must be penalised heavily and forced to pay for the damage they have caused to the environment. The authorities can use that amount for the development of river banks instead of using tax-payers money.

We look forward to seeing a permanent settlement on this issue and a beautiful country at large.