Stop pushing kids | 2019-03-15 |

Stop pushing kids

15 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made an important observation of not to put extra pressure on children but to educate them in a friendly way which would take away their fear of schools. Every year after the publication of results of different board exams we see some students commit suicide. Surprisingly, in most cases students committed suicide not because they had failed in their tests, but because of narrowly missing the golden word -- GPA 5 as it has become a status symbol in the country’s education system! It lays bare the cruel cost of excessive parental pressure.

In our result-oriented education system, some parents in a tyrannical manner breathe down their ward’s neck — always pushing, pushing, pushing and won’t except anything but A+. It appears that children’s academic result have become a prestige issue for a section of guardians who think that their prestige will be punctured in society if their children don’t get GPA 5.

Guardians should not engage themselves in such pointless competition and their expectation must not be unrealistic. Every parent wants a child to succeed. Thus they exert pressure on their children. But practically it is not possible for every child to get that golden score and suicide cases are blamed on parents refusing to accept the reality.

Besides, this heavy-handed approach took the sheen out of our education system, making learning a compulsion and frightening process instead of being an enjoyable part of a children’s life.

Therefore, the parents and teachers have to understand that no matter how well intentioned, creating excessive pressure on children invites trouble. It only stymies a students’ overall development, and will never make them learn quicker. Rather they should ensure a fear-free learning environment for their children and should encourage them to be persistent in achieving their dream which is practical.

The government has been relentlessly trying to introduce digital learning tools in classrooms across the country. Teachers are also encouraged to make classrooms interactive and friendly so that the students become habitual learners. But all these efforts may not succeed in making learning a fun unless parents do not abandon their mind-set for the golden goose.