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A lesson in democracy

14 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The dust raised by DUCSU elections is yet to settle down completely, but we cannot say the issues involved will not linger on for few more days as we thought in our yesterday’s editorial. Student organisation, except the ruling party backed BCL, has demanded re-polling alleging widespread rigging.

It is worrying to note that a sizable segment of the students boycotted the election and are demonstrating for fresh polls. The VP-elect has also echoed their demands, while one group is staging a hunger strike on the campus.

The DUCSU election allegedly led to events like chase-counter-chase and manhandling of some student activities leading to filing of criminal cases with the police.

Stakeholders from different social strata have been airing opposing views about the electoral process and its outcome. But, one particular event stands out and is a glimmer of hope. It is the role Bangladesh Chhatra League President Shovon, also a candidate for the DUCSU vice-president post, outright accepted the result and embraced his winning opponent Nur in public. Both Shovon and Nur have vowed to work together to create and maintain an education-friendly atmosphere on the campus.

Bangladesh is a multi-party democracy where most of the political parties are committed to upholding democratic principles. But in many cases relations among them have soured to such an extent that they are unable to talk with each other. There is hardly an incident where a defeated election contender is found to concede defeat with a smiling face and congratulate the winner.

Shovon and Nur set an example of democratic culture of tolerance and mutual respect setting an unprecedented example for all to follow, especially the new generation of students, and definitely the senior politicians. Initially we were alarmed at the untoward spiralling of events on the Dhaka University campus. However, at last good sense prevailed. Let this excellent beginning last long and create a congenial atmosphere where a truly democratic spirit will triumph over culture of intolerance.