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Effective Way to Punish Unscrupulous Food Vendors

Zia Hasan

14 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Effective Way to Punish Unscrupulous Food Vendors

Zia Hasan

3,000 mounds of expired dates, 20 mounds of imported rotten fruits, 1,000 mounds of rotten fish, date-expired drugs worth more than a few crore takas and the list may go on.  These are a few of a real long list that have been revealed by mobile court led by RAB over the last couple of months in the capital city of Bangladesh. Law enforcing agencies have been tirelessly working on catching, busting and arresting hoarders and businessmen and shop owners who are hoarding and selling rotten, expired food, fruits and medicines. This includes some famous (!) chain shops of Dhaka and so-called posh restaurants in different areas of the city. Last month Police caught red handed a hotelier with more than 300 dead fowls in Dhanmondi area of Dhaka.

The entire countrymen are utterly panicked thinking what actually they are eating with their hard-earned money. A section of the unscrupulous businessman of the country have been selling fish mixed with formalin, fruits mixed with carbide, food stuff mixed with textile colour along with rotten, expired different kinds foods including baby foods.  Realising the merit of this horrendous crime, the government as well as law enforcement agencies have taken it very seriously and are trying their best to catch and punish these brutal criminals.

What will you call a person who knowingly mix up poison (carbide, formalin and other chemicals) with food stuff and sell it to people? Yes, he is not a human being, he is a demon. And a section of the country’s businessman has turned into demons that are slow-poisoning the entire nation to death, especially the children of the nation. Law enforcement agencies are catching a few of them; mobile courts are putting a monetary penalty on these demons or putting a few of them behind the bars. But are these all hearty efforts really working very effectively? Not really, because the number of these demons is not going down; rather it is being revealed day by day that they are huge in number out there at large. They don’t care the monetary penalty that is being imposed on them or the short-term jails. If they cared for this, they wouldn’t do it anymore. So the million dollar question is – how a nation can be free from these demons that are literally killing its future generation. The simplest answer is awarding them with exemplary punishment. Award a few of them with corporal punishment under speedy trial act and constitute it as soon as possible.

Simultaneously, I would like to come up with a very effective idea today which will bring handy result instantly, I do believe. Catch an unscrupulous businessman red handed with his poisoned fish or fruit and whip (caning) him publicly for three minutes and telecast that through all media all day long; and that’s it! Visualise the scene for a minute: an unscrupulous businessman alias a demon is being caned in front of a kitchen market of Dhaka city. It will be viewed not only by the countrymen but also by the rest of the demons (unscrupulous food vendors) of the country. What do you think?

After watching this on television, will any of these demons dare to do this heinous crime again? You are right, nobody would. A bone chilling fear will run through their skeleton that they might be caught tomorrow and whipped in the same manner. At this point, many will start thinking what about the human rights? I have the same question: where were human rights when they had been slow-poisoning millions of children with their poisoned food?

These demons have to be brought under exemplary punishment to uplift the human rights of human beings of the nation. Now the question is whether this has been practised anywhere in the world.  Yes, a number of countries use this effective method to punish criminals. The best example for us is Singapore. Caning is a widely used form of legal corporal punishment in Singapore. They practise it in several contexts: judicial, prison, reformatory, military and domestic or private.

The scale of crime will never be curbed until the crime-doer gets frightened with the consequences once he is caught.  And there lies the importance of this effective method of punishment. Perhaps this is the only way we can save our nation as well as our future nation builders, that is, our children from these demons. Hope the government and concerned authorities will give it a real thought.


 The writer is a contributor of Daily Sun