Nature: A Sanctuary Of Spiritual Serenity | 2019-03-14 |


Nature: A Sanctuary Of Spiritual Serenity

Abdullah Al Moinee

14 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Nature: A 
Sanctuary Of Spiritual Serenity

Nature is the shrine of spiritual serenity from where the psychology of the human mind derives a pacified philosophy. The philosophy of eternal nature possesses the perception that heals the labyrinths of life. Nature is designed by a mindful manuscript which is the living literature of the universe. The divine literature is scripted to be followed for fueling the flow of life. The divinity is ordained in the earth to direct the lives extracting the serene virtues of the environment. The virtues are in a will of harmony with nature. The harmony is the healing hormone to nurture the serenity connecting us to a greater sense of peace.

Nature unites the space, earth, and environment. Into the silence of the night, the celestial constituents on the sky connect us with nature by the cosmic gestures. The sense of sight is touched by the ray of light. The ray represents the route of gravitational connection for the moon, the earth, and the sun. The mesmerizing moon moves the sea with lunar tides revealing the sense of silence. The stream of sea reflects the flow of time and life in nature. The flow generates the realization for utilizing the minute moments to reach the destination of divinity. The web of connection is a sign to sail the soul towards the shore of universal unity for mind, body, soul, and spirit. The unity activates the natural senses sustaining the spiritual serenity.

Every morning a miracle comes into motion when we open the eyes once again for a new day perceiving that the soul is ordained to be alive for the divine purpose of being in nature. The strength brings about the inborn sunshine to feel rejuvenated.

There is no denying that nature is life. The robust reflection of life in nature is the tree. The trees represent the miracle of life and growth where the spirit of a tree is anchored by the earth as the mother. The trees reflect the symbiotic union with the earth from where they extract the nutrients and water and to where they serve for escalating the equilibrium of nature. Roots of a tree remain under the ground. Moreover, trees are renewed from the inside reflecting the sacred altruism and wisdom meant for the humankind.

The world is like a mountain where the echo depends upon the individual’s work. Every single step is given back as a radical resonance. The resonance of the stream in the water of ocean, sea, and river is the mindful manifestation of nature. The manifestation activates the senses to set the patience and perseverance like the flowing pace of water towards the designed destination.

Nature is the best companion of life where belief, commitment, cooperation, and respect generate gracious gratitude. Gratitude is offered as prayer by the responsibilities to nature, ordained by the almighty, for nurturing the floras and faunas and sustaining the eternal equilibrium to originate the oasis of optimism and premise of peace. The sacred touch of tranquil nature makes the whole world kin. The conscientious connection is represented from the universe to the interactive bond of human life resonating that every single creature is blessed to live in this nature.

Into the deep of nature, a divine dedication to nurture the elements of the earth is glorified by the grace of omnipresent. The sense of simplicity in nature navigates the voyage through the eternal elegance. Human beings need to take steps conscientiously to understand the theory of everything sustained by nature.