Strengthening Dhaka-Delhi ties | 2019-03-13 |

Strengthening Dhaka-Delhi ties

13 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Under the line of credit scheme, Bangladesh and India launched four more projects on Monday. It is another forward step to further strengthening of the wonderful bilateral ties between the two friendly countries. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi launched the projects through video conferencing. This event indicates the deep political engagement between the top political leaderships of the two countries. This is what has turned the relationship into a role model of bilateral ties for the rest of the world.

Bangladesh has done a lot to make the neighbour satisfied and ensured that the country does not encourage the operation of any third party in its soil that works against the interests of India. This has formed the basic stage to start the journey forward for mutual gains. The 'Neighbour First' policy stemmed from the realisation that the prosperity of the entire region is necessary for India's continued growth, started working. The mutual trust and confidence have been carrying forward the multifaceted and multi-dimensional cooperation between the two nations.

The border security issue has long been a contentious issue. India acted to ratify 1974 Land Boundary Agreement through a comprehensive deal and thereby ended the 68-year-old humanitarian issue peacefully. A milestone by any count! The close neighbour accepted the settlement of the maritime boundary and shared its commitment to international rules which marked the maturity of the ties.

The implementation of commitments on seamless connectivity continues to reduce inequalities and maximising common gains of the countries. Increasing railway and waterway connectivity is opening up opportunities. Economies of the two states are getting more integrated and people better connected for prosperity.

However, though limitations are there from Bangladesh to support the connectivity projects, it is still waiting for more support and cooperation from the Indians. There is no doubt that the increasing Indian investment will make a positive impact on the huge trade imbalance between India and Bangladesh but a lot more things have to be done to address the widening trade deficit. The burning issue of sharing of water of Teesta, Feni and other common rivers remains unresolved, but we are confident that we will find a solution soon in the greater interest of bilateral ties and the South Asian region at large.

 We are confident that the ongoing fruitful journey of mutual cooperation will unveil new pathways to strengthen the development partnership further.