Let the dust settle over DUCSU | 2019-03-13 | daily-sun.com

Let the dust settle over DUCSU

13 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

After an eclipse of 28 years, elections to the Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (DUCSU) were held on Monday. It had generated much hope not only among the students of the university, but also among students of all other universities across the country. Everyone was expecting that after DUCSU elections, elections to the students’ unions in their respective universities will also be held. But that hope turned into a nightmare as soon as the DUCSU elections took place. Students in a number of universities have already taken to the streets demanding that they don’t want any election similar to that of DUCSU.

Earlier we in this column wrote that no election is better than a controversial election. But the DU authorities apparently paid no heed and organised the election in such a manner that not a single party in the fray are happy about the final outcome. All contesting groups demanded re-election, and a tense situation was prevailing on the campus till yesterday afternoon. At one point it looked like the DU reached a dead end over DUCSU.

However, the impasse quickly ended following Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s instruction to BCL to accept the result. Her intervention was not only important but also timely to avert any volatile situation on DU campus. We hope all other organisations will soon come to terms with what has happened and focus on how to organise a better election next time.

Meanwhile, the DU authorities must investigate the alleged irregularities such as unearthing of sacks filled with stamped ballots in a dormitory, storage of three ballot boxes filled with un-stamped ballot papers in another dormitory, long wait of students in line for casting votes, obstruction to non-resident students in casting votes etc. Overall the university authorities must strive to strengthen its back so that it can efficiently and effectively play the role of referee in the election.

DUCSU is the nerve centre of our student politics and a breeding ground of future leaders. Absence of elections to this important body resulted in the acute crisis of qualified leaders at the national level. Now that once again holding such polls have started, it is mandatory to hold it on a regular basis and one that is free, fair and acceptable to all.