Wednesday, 7 December, 2022

Bangladesh Army in Nation Building Activities

Major Md Tariqul Islam, AEC

Bangladesh Army in Nation 
Building Activities

In war and peace, we are everywhere for the country” – keeping this motto in view, the supreme duty of Bangladesh Army is to safeguard the sovereignty of the country. With the indomitable courage, intelligence and gallantry, Bangladesh Army is performing its sacred duty of maintaining peace in Chittagong hill tracks. Each and every member of Bangladesh Army keeps themselves always fit throughout the year to maintain its professional standard through tough training. Apart from remaining prepared to safeguard the sovereignty of the country, Bangladesh Army has a remarkable and key role in the nation building activities.

The ‘island’ called ‘Jahazzar Char’, situated in the south from the main land of Noakhali district, was a den of dacoits and bandits. In 2013, this island was handed over to Bangladesh Army for its training activities in accordance with the special instruction of the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Along with the training activities, Honourable Prime Minister has also instructed for the socio-economic development of the island. Bandits were overthrown due to the rapid operations of Bangladesh Army. Different steps for the socio-economic development have already been undertaken by Bangladesh Army like building the training area, establishing communication system, habitation, cultivation, planting trees, cattle rearing, making cyclone centre, and land development, etc. Coastal people are included in all these development activities. ‘Jahazzar Char’ has now been actually turned into ‘Swarno Dweep’ for the untiring effort of Bangladesh Army.

Hatirjheel Combined Development Project including Begunbari Canal has been implemented by 17 Engineer Construction Battalion of Bangladesh Army. Construction work of six bridges and four overpasses has already been completed in this project. One bridge has been built to connect Hatirjheel Lake with Banani Lake. Another bridge has also been constructed to connect Hatirjheel Lake with Gulshan Lake as well. A bridge in Gulshan-Merul Badda link road and 2 U-loops on Pragoti Sarani have been added at a later stage of the construction. Some landscaping items have been added to enrich the overall beauty of Hatirjheel Project keeping in mind the recreational facilities of mass people. Celebration point, water court, viewing deck, child playing equipment, water taxi terminal, Quay, information desk, Amphitheatre, etc. are remarkable among the landscaping items. A bridge has been built in Gulshan-Merul-Badda link road. As a result, waterway communication by boat has become easier from Begunbari Canal to Baridhara via Hatirjheel and Gulshan Lake.

Apart from providing the security of all the projects during the Padma Multi-Purpose Bridge Construction, Bangladesh Army has also worked as a construction supervision consultant of Zazira-Mawa approach road and Bridge-Facilities Services Area. Bangladesh Army has played a vital role in the river training for the construction of the Bridge. Besides, Bangladesh Army has worked to extend the Dhaka-Mawa and Zazira-Bhanga connecting roads. Bangladesh Army is also working as a supervision consultant for the Padma Bridge Railway project.

Bangladesh Army has developed the communication system of hill tracts area constructing many new roads and culverts. As a result, socio-economic development of hill tracts area has been uplifted to a great extent and tourism sector has got a new dimension. Bangladesh Army has been playing a significant role to develop the education sector, health and sanitation facilities of hill tracts area as well. In addition to that, Mohipal Flyover has been built on Dhaka-Chattogram connecting roads under the supervision of Bangladesh Army. Through this flyover, easy communication has been built by the connecting roads of Dhaka-Chattogram and Feni-Lakshmipur. Along with this, Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Marine Drive Project is being implemented by Bangladesh Army. Honourable Prime Minister inaugurated this road on 6th May, 2017. This 80 km. road will play a vital role for the socio-economic development for this area including uninterrupted communication from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf.

The contribution of Bangladesh Army in national education sector is undoubtedly notable. The result of the educational institutions administered by Bangladesh Army in different national examinations is commendable in all the education boards of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Army is contributing remarkably to the national education through many institutions like Cadet Colleges, Cantonment Public Schools and Colleges, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), and Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), etc. Bangladesh Army has established ‘Bangladesh University of Science and Technology’ (BAUST) in Cumilla, Sayedpur, and Kadirabad Cantonment to keep pace with the science and technological era of the 21st century. Besides, two educational institutions named ‘Army Institute of Business Administration’ (AIBA) have been established at Savar and Sylhet cantonment as part of the educational entrepreneurship in business administration as well. It is to be noted that almost two lakhs of students are studying at present in different institutions of Bangladesh Army. Hence, Bangladesh Army has a lead role in promoting the overall educational standard of the country. Thereby, Bangladesh Army is preparing the able citizens of the future generations by imparting quality education which will in turn help the country to materialise the vision 2041.

Bangladesh is a proud partner in UN peacekeeping missions. The country has been performing all its vested responsibilities successfully in UN peacekeeping activities for more than three decades. The peacekeepers of Bangladesh Army are playing an outstanding and pivotal role in establishing peace around the world endangering their life even in the midst of conflicting and adverse conditions, scorching heat and dust storm of the desert, heavy rainfall and tiresome humidity. The peacekeeping missions are one of the important sources of foreign remittances of the country. Bangladesh as a county is getting a positive familiarity and recognition as one of the top troops contributing countries all over world through these peacekeeping missions.

Moreover, Bangladesh Army, being inspired by the ideology of the Liberation War, always works in aid to the civil administration during any national crises/disasters like Holy Artisan Bakery incident at Gulshan, miscreants attack at ‘Atia Mahal’ Sylhet, rescue activities after Rangamati landslide, rescue operation at Tampaco Building and so on.  Thereby, Bangladesh Army as an organisation is making relentless effort for the nation building activities of the country keeping the ‘Vision 2041’ in vanguard.