Saturday, 26 November, 2022

Health app - Tibot launched

Polyfins Technology has introduced artificial intelligence and chatbot in its health care-app which is a benchmark in the healthcare industry.

Silicon Valley based startup recently announced the launch of tele dermatology service in Bangladesh, according to a news release. Tibot, is an online platform that facilitates expert dermatologists who evaluate skin problems and provide advice on recommended course of action.

Polyfins Chief Executive Faisal Basar said the Tibot application is built considering the people from all age groups, from urban and rural areas. Chief Operating Officer Sheikh Farid Milon leads the activities of Tibot app in Bangladesh.

User can get doctor’s report on Tibot app which also has accessible method for skin care opinion. Users can seek dermatology advice by the app, without having to travel long distance to seek proper care.