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All About Bronzers!

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11 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

All About Bronzers!

When we dive deeper into our makeup kit, surpassing the popular makeup tools such as eye-shadow boxes and matte lipstick cases, we find those items that are not as popular as their peers, yet not any less important. Such an item is the bronzer. Many of us know what it is. Some of us use it. And only a few use it in the right way.

Bronzer has been a staple in makeup bags for a long time. Whilst the formulas have changed and ranges have expanded, bronzers still serve the same purpose: to emulate sun-kissed skin. However, it can be confusing and perhaps that’s the reason why many opt out from using it. Here are some simple tips that can help you derive adequate use of bronzer. It’s all about getting your fundamentals right:


Know The Use

Bronzers are used to give skin a healthy glow. A well-chosen shade makes you look as if you’ve spent time in the sun. It’s more popular among women with a fairer skin shade. However, in those with a brownish or dark complexion, bronzer adds grace to their dark tone shaping it delightfully. Some bronzing products contain a lot of shimmer, so the light-reflective particles make you sparkle with radiance. Other bronzing cosmetics have a more natural matte finish and add warmth and definition to your skin. Bronzers come in powder, gel, liquid, and cream form and can be intended for the face or body.


Don’t Stray Far Away

Using a bronzer that's too dark or has the wrong undertones can just look muddy and artificial on your skin - not quite the sun-kissed glow you're looking for. Seasons also vary in our country and the shade of bronzer may look different in different seasons. Prudence is necessary here to understand what’s the right shade for you.


It’s Not A Contouring Tool

Contouring is no longer a beauty-industry secret, and everyone seems to be trying it. However, whilst you're meant to use a darker shade for contour to emulate a shadow, many reach for a bronzer in an attempt to economize. A contour should be matte and cool-toned, whereas bronzers tend to be the opposite, which leads to disastrous results. Contouring has left some confusion as to how you actually apply bronzer. Is it meant for the hollows or the prominent areas? But isn’t that where highlight goes? It can be a minefield, so it’s best avoided as a contourer.


Best Way To Apply Bronzer

Use bronzer to mimic where the sun would hit your face naturally and where you tan the darkest. This will give you a sun-kissed look and add definition and warmth to your skin. Apply bronzer to the cheekbones, temples, and bridge of your nose. Buff it in for a seamless finish.

Bronzer can be an extremely flattering product if used correctly, so don't discard it prematurely. Practise with a light hand, using a well-matched shade, and you'll have it done in no time.