Long-awaited DUCSU elections

10 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Through the all-important elections scheduled to be held tomorrow, Dhaka University Central Student Union is coming to back to life after long 28 years of inactivity. This is literally a long period extended over almost three-fifths of independent existence of the country. DUCSU throughout ages played pioneering roles in all important anti-Pakistan movements that culminated to the Liberation War in 1971. But regrettably elections to this historic student body in independent Bangladesh could not be held for such a long period. Naturally, people in general, and student community in particular, will wait with bated breath to see the outcome of tomorrow’s voting.

In the truest sense DUCSU is an elected student body designated to bargain with Dhaka University authorities and solve the problems that students face in their academic life. But quite reasonably that role of DUCSU always got less importance as it had to engage itself in more pressing national issues ranging from the great language movement to Liberation War.

DUCSU had therefore been a mechanism to create future leaders. Many of our senior leaders today in politics, state administration and other fields are the products of DUCSU. The number of such leaders would have been much bigger had not DUCSU been in hibernation over such a long period. The nation incurred heavy losses due to suspension of DUCSU elections. And again because of inactivity of DUCSU, student organisations very often got involved in activities that are not desirable from them.

However, let us hope that the sad history of stalled DUCSU elections will not repeat; elections to this union would be held regularly not only to restore its golden image but also to bring campus politics back to track. But that depends much on how tomorrow’s elections are held – if free and fair, those will create among the new generations of students a positive attitude towards student union elections but if manipulated will lead to a negative impression. Irrespective of which individual or organisation wins or fails, DUCSU must get a new lease of life. It is obligatory for all concerned including university authorities and student organisations to play role for a successful revival of DUCSU and its elections.