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DO You Know?

7 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

• Large watercraft is generally called ships while smaller watercraft is generally called boats. They are designed to float on water, whether it be in lakes, rivers or seas.

• Boats and ships serve a variety of purposes including transport, recreation, fishing, sporting competition and military operations.

• Some boats are human powered, including kayaks, canoes and gondolas. Sailboats are propelled by wind and sails.

• The tall upright post on a sailboat is called a mast. Motorboats are propelled by engines. Cargo ships carry goods between ports around the world.

• The hull is the main body of a boat or ship.

• Starboard and port are nautical terms which describe the right (starboard) and left (port) sides when facing the front (bow) of a ship or boat. The rear part of a ship or boat is called the stern.

• The America’s Cup is awarded to the winner of a series of races between sailing yachts. Originally awarded in 1851, it is the oldest international sporting trophy in the world.

• Some luxury yachts (also called superyachts or megayachts) are over 70 metres (230 feet) in length with the longest examples reaching over 150 metres (492 feet).