Atiur lauds SDG tracker

Staff Correspondent

4 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The government’s initiative of SDG tracker leads the country towards a developing nation and helps achieve the national development objectives fast, said eminent economist Prof Atiur Rahman.

Atiur Rahman , also a former governor of Bangladesh Bank, also lauded the automated tracking and monitoring system for SDGs while delivering a speech on macro-economic  transformation in Dhaka on Sunday.

Bangladesh launched the technology-based tracking platform in September 2017 to monitor the national programmes integrated with Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) which is considered as first of its kind in the world.

Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management organised the session for mid level officers working with the state-run financial institutions and the central bank.

Prof Atiur brought shed light into the progress of Bangladesh in macro-economic segment in last one decade during the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

In his keynote speech, Atiur mentioned that Bangladesh has been achieving mind boggling GDP growth rate of seven plus percent over the last four years. “The GDP can easily be double in ten years if this growth rate can be sustained. Also it has achieved stunning success in health, gender, primary education and inclusively related indices over the years,”

Highlighting the apparel sector, Atiur further said that success stories in continuous growth in Ready Made Garments (RMG) has helped Bangladesh graduation from the LDC to a developing country status recently.

Both financial inclusion and stability have been consistently significant despite global financial crisis, according to the former governor.

“Bangladesh, however, is now chasing higher goals of double digit growth with zero hunger and poverty. To achieve these goals there is a need for preparing the public management system more robust. For this more skilled and smart youths are need with required leadership and technical qualities. The education system must be overhauled so that it produces right kind of graduates with adequate skills and leadership qualities to cope with this fast moving transformation,”

Prof Atiur suggested for fulfill the demands of middle and advance consumers who are normally tech-savvy and brand-savvy.

“Two million of these new consumers will be added every year in Bangladesh. Hence, in addition to diversifying the country’s export market we must also cater to the demand of our domestic market which is growing both in size and quality,” he added.

He also said that the country must go digital in tracking implementation process and capturing the citizen and customer satisfaction to ensure a sustainable development process.  The focus on higher level of foreign direct investment which is still much lower than our competitors must also remain intact to keep the momentum of our desired growth process. The digital culture of management expects sharper focus on quality implementation these days as we have already set our well designed vision in the nation’s mindset, he added..