University for study first, politics later

24 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

University for study first, politics later

On the first day of my university life, as I was eagerly waiting in my classroom one of my teachers came and delivered a life changing lecture. I will never forget what he said. I will remember all his words throughout of my life.

He said to us, "Now you are a university student. You are the potential leader of future Bangladesh. The whole nation is waiting for your bold leadership. Through your knowledge, wisdom and efficient leadership this nation will go forward. And remember, university students have only two duties. First one is to acquire knowledge and second one is to distribute knowledge".

He also said that the university is a colourful place. Here, you are as free as a bird. No one will prevent you from doing any work. You are free to study, research, play, sing, dance as well as do politics and so on. But never forget about your main work. Whenever you are going to do any wrong, think at least once about your parents, your family members. Think that your parents have done a lot for you. They have sent you to the University for receiving higher degree, not for making you into a political leader. They are sending you their hard earned money for your study, not for your romance. Your parents are proud of you and are eagerly waiting to hear good news from you. So don't shatter their dreams".

Many of us who are studying in university have forgotten about our main goals. We have deviated from the main line. Now we don't study, we only do politics. Study has become fourth subject to us. Nowadays the politics that is being practised by us is not the politics that was practised by the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. We don't do politics for the salvation of oppressed people rather now we do politics for gaining our self-interest. We all have forgotten the policy of politics. Smugglers are doing politics for smuggling smoothly. Encroachers are doing politics for establishing supremacy. Student wings are doing politics not for the betterment of students or for creating academic atmosphere rather they are doing politics to show how powerful they are. After all, everyone is doing politics for their respective motives.


Recent violence in Jaggannath University and Sylhet MC College has also occurred for establishing supremacy in the campus. This is nothing new rather a common phenomenon in our country. But my question here is why aren't we putting an end to this vulgar practice in our educational institutions? If we want to build up a prosperous nation we have to keep academic institutions free from politics and drugs. But sorry to say, both the destructive elements are mostly available in educational institutions. We are not unaware of this.

At the same time, on the one hand leaders are saying students should study well, while on the other hand we are being used by them. In some cases, we are bound to do politics for someone else's interest. Thus university is becoming a suitable place for politics not for study. After admission in the university students are getting involved with politics willingly or unwillingly.

We are saying that there is no job in our country. But employers are saying that they are not getting any qualified candidate, and that's why we are hiring from abroad. Thus we are creating a crippled nation for our future Bangladesh. But we need to change and change we must. We can't let our country's future be destroyed. If we go back to our study, we will be able to make our family happy, as well as our nation will get a lot from us. So I want to conclude my writing by requesting one thing to our honourable government, please bring back congenial atmosphere in the campus for study. Don't let our luminous future be shattered. Our future is our country's future. We will make Bangladesh great again as Bangabandhu dreamt.


Mostofa Shrabon, Student of Islamic University, Kushtia