Alyssa sets new catching record

22 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Alyssa Healy has had a memorable season and now she has added a world record to her list of accolades after claiming the highest catch of a cricket ball, reports Cricinfo.

The feat, released to mark tickets going on sale a year out from the Women’s T20 World Cup in Australia, took place at the MCG last month where Healy caught a ball dropped by a drone from 80 meters - beating the previous record of 62 metres set by Englishman Kristan Baumgartner in 2016. Former England captain Nasser Hussain once held the record of 49 metres.

“After I didn’t get a hand on the first practice and then the next one went straight through my gloves there was cause for concern,” Healy said.