PUBG: A New Gaming Addiction

Nurunnahar Chaity

21 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

PUBG: A New Gaming Addiction

“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol,
morphine or idealism.”

C.G Jung, founder of analytical psychology, has very sagaciously pointed out that any kind of addiction is detrimental. People are addicted to many things; some are addicted to music while some are seriously addicted to social networking sites but most probably, in this regard, the supreme position is now occupied by gaming addiction. Such addiction brings not only disastrous physical changes but also huge devastating psychological variations in the gaming addicts. In the recent times an online game has made headlines around the world. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, which is better known as PUBG, has become a new addiction of the youths. This multiplayer online game was first launched in 2017 and has already made it to the list of best selling games. The game has got a lot of popularity in the entire world including our country among youths to be particular.

In Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG, 100 people parachute onto a Russian island from a plane. Then comes a circular field, which is termed as safe zone which gets smaller with time. The player has to survive in this circular field and kill the enemies. Meanwhile, there are many types of guns and other weapons that make the game more interesting - as the player has to search for them in the houses or buildings before he gets rewarded. The interface of the game is smooth and new features get added often which basically grabs the attention of the players. Unlike many other mobile apps, it allows one to play with their friend in a group or even with strangers from different countries, which makes it more interesting to the people who are fond of online gaming.

This game requires a methodological way of playing, which makes it a very popular game. It is more than picking up a gun and killing a handful to get your way. It is the intelligence that a player needs to reach the “chicken dinner” victory, the fancy name given as the reward for the winner. Every move one makes weighs heavily on how it would turn out. The game itself has an underlying strategy and once a player starts to play it, he will have one too. Because of such engaging nature of the game youths are getting more and more addicted to this game. However such addiction is not bringing any good for them rather it is resulting in many serious problems.

First of all, they are getting oblivious of their real tasks at hand. Whenever any youth is into this game, he/she forgets his/her works as he/she remains glued to the smartphone or PC. Youths even play PUBG in their workplaces, study places and even in any social gatherings killing their valuable time.

Secondly, many remain so engulfed into PUBG that they ignore their social life and the saddest part is that they don’t even realize it. They focus more on how to be a winner in PUBG and consequently pay little heed to their studies and family time. Many researches have shown that after playing PUBG many youths have become addicted to it which is hampering their studies as well as social behaviour and even family bonding. World Health Organization (WHO) has also recognized gaming as a disorder in the international classification of disease.

Thirdly, people squander a significant amount of time by playing PUBG. This is really a time-consuming game. People are wasting their time by playing it for a long time which could be allotted for other serious works. The level of addiction is so high that some even skip meals just to complete a mission of the game.

Well, fantasy in the gaming world might boost self-esteem but it becomes disruptive when they think more about the fantasy world and get disconnected from reality. An online game should be considered simply as fun, nothing serious to waste a considerable amount of time.