Dengue alarm-bell rings

20 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

As of mid-February 2018, around 10,148 people mostly from the capital city suffered from dengue. Thanks, Allah! We are safer as nobody reported to have been infected with dengue so far. But, if we remain in a passive mood and fix our mind to act only when the disease outbreaks, it may prove to be painful and costly for anybody.  As data show and experts believe, although the disease spreads mainly during the rainy season, it continues to ravage its victims all the year round without any letup.

Though mortality is lower in comparison with other tropical infectious diseases, dengue causes wide-scale human suffering and invites even deaths. If the threat is left ignored and unaddressed pre-emptively, it is likely that many would become infected and their lives endangered. The daily sun in its endeavour to raise awareness about the danger has brought this burning issue to light.

Experiences say that the effort to pin patterns to predict dengue down and help overcome the menace of the disease has proven largely futile. There is no real cure for dengue still around. The mosquito-borne disease is mainly seen in the city areas. Everyone especially those who live in towns and cities can take the report on dengue as a warning of possible exponential attack of the disease and engage them in whatever they can do to contain the threat.

As we know, Aedes –the vector or bearer of dengue virus – breeds on stagnant water. Though the rainy season is yet to set in, it is the perfect time to clean up our houses and surroundings so that no earthen pot, flower vase or tub, polythene, plastic and glass container can exist outdoor. This is the simple, easy and tested formula to fight dengue at its budding stage where dengue can be hit really hard.

Social awareness campaigns should be initiated and strengthened well ahead of the time when dengue spreads most for reducing the risk of households harbouring Aedes larvae. Residents should report to the authorities when a dengue case is detected so that mosquito repellents can be sprayed to prevent the epidemic.