The war on drugs

18 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The delightful piece of news on the surrendering of more than 100 drug dealers has come up amid the government pursuing the zero-tolerance policy against illegal drug trade. The devastating impacts of widespread drug trade especially on the youth are needless to mention. It has been destroying the spirit and confidence of our young generations. In this situation, the need for a massive drive has long been felt by all irrespective of class and profession in the society.

 At least 250 drug traders were killed in the ongoing countrywide anti-drug drive launched in May last year. The 102 yaba smugglers have realised that they are chasing their tails to escape the dire consequences and finally given up. As part of the drive, the authorities have conveyed a tough message of carrying out a further massive crackdown on those who are still on the run. It is relieving that many other drug traders are actively thinking of admitting defeat.

 Surrender of the notorious criminals is not new in the country. These are the results of the law enforcement agencies in accepting future challenges. The decoity and abduction in the Sundarbans area had turned the lives of fishermen into a nightmare until stern action and regular drives forced the gang leaders to surrender. And the aftermath of the efforts by the crime-busting agencies inevitably has been contributing to the drastic cut in the number of the crimes.

 We witness the vivid examples of how the law enforcers have been pursuing the zero-tolerance policy against terrorists since the saddest episode of the Holey Artisan carnage. We are convinced by the success stories of the law enforcers to believe that they will triumph over the drug traders. Likewise, we are eagerly waiting to see the success stories in the initiatives to prevent encroachers of water bodies and public lands and to check widespread corruption in the society.

 Observers believe that there is no scope of complaisance of the government in the short-term success stories in combating the core crimes. There is an urgent need to maintain constant vigilance on the crimes to root them out.