Wooden Wonders

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18 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer


When you want an element of nature in your house, get woody. Wooden interior designs not only look great but add an exquisite look to your home. Homes become more homely. Lights also play better in the house. While we are used to the concept of wooden furniture- there is so much more you can do with these natural delights. 


In fact, the element of wood is buzzing in the houses worldwide.  If you look over the internet, you’ve probably noticed that reclaimed wood is quite visible in the interiors. Whether it is a grand resort, a luxurious hotel or simply a celebrity’s mansion house, wood works are evident everywhere. This is a fairly stable trend in interior design that has existed for several years in the world. And quite logical too– old wood has its advantages. When it is well dried, it has pretty well-defined veins and brings much needed warmth to the modern interiors. Colours come to life with wooden backdrops. Kitchen utensils become artistic when they are wooden. There is also a pleasant rustic feel to it. Check out these amazing ideas with wood:


Consider A Renovation

Instead of helping yourself with a slice of the cake, why not have the entire cake? Ever imagine an interior design with wood everywhere, including floors, wall paneling, trim, furniture, and even ceiling. The result is breathtaking. Wood really warms the space and, if used consistently, creates dimension and depth by playing with panel direction and colour. Some houses in Dhaka actually have this now. People’s tastes are getting better! If the wood idea is not feasible for you, you could opt for tiles resembling wood.


Wood Furniture

This is the most popular of them all. We all have our wooden bed, wooden chairs and wooden sofa. Instead of getting them painted, you can keep them as they are to retain their natural element. Wooden furniture looks great with red brick walls. You could design your drawing or dining room with such a wall, flower pots, floral vines and wooden chair and table. It will be the ultimate escape from stress. You could also incorporate wood flavours in your kitchen with cabinets, wooden shelves and even wooden utensils.


Wood Art Installments

This is perhaps the most unique. We all love art. Most of us have wall paintings to express that love. With wood art installments, you can make your space more exotic. Keep this near the doorway or in the living room. It’s something that deserves the attention of your guests.