In Memoriam Language Heroes

18 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

In Memoriam Language Heroes

Courage is timeless. The month of February reminds us of our undying love for Bangla as well as the courage and sacrifices of our language movement martyrs. It is the month of rediscovering our roots, identity and history. There is a reason why black and white colours are chosen to be worn on 21 February. This is not just a regular day for the people of Bangladesh. 21st February, widely known as Ekushey February, is an auspicious day for Bangladeshis all over the world. It is a day of both triumph and sorrow. We express joy for being able to speak in our beloved mother language. We also feel sad for the brave language martyrs without whom this achievement would not have been possible. It is a tremendous day indeed. No other colour can express the gravity and contrast of emotions on this day except these two (black and white).


Solemn Fashion

Celebrate the power and rhythm of one of the sweetest languages in the world through a unique style statement. This Ekushey opt for black and white to pay tribute to the gallant martyrs of the language movement.


Subtle Contrast

It takes a lot of bravery to stand up for what you believe in. Express that love for language in the subtleties of black and white. While monochromes convey other emotions in fashion around the world, on this day in this country, it is regarded with love and respect. Wherever we turn our heads, we will find men and women clad in black and white, holding flowers in their hands. Women opt for a white kameez with black prints while men can opt for a black punjabi with white prints. It provides a visually pleasant contrast when the pair goes out together.


Solemn Celebrations

During this time of the year, designers get busy in innovating new styles keeping the black and white colour theme in mind. Most people love to wear something that expresses their emotions. After all, fashion, in a broader perspective, is really the reflection of emotions. While simply wearing a plain black or plain white dress should have sufficed, people search for something that expresses a little more. Luckily, just the combination of these two colors is scintillating. Prints are used widely on this day. Printed punjabis and kurtis look beautiful and elegant but not too loud, perfect for this solemn celebration.


United In Spirit

Language martyrs sacrificed their lives so that we can speak in our mother language. Their bravery made it possible. It was possible as they were united in the same spirit. Express that very spirit through your fashion. You and your partner can wear matching black and white outfits.

White Shift

White is an achromatic colour - a colour without hue. It is one of the most common colours in nature. It is the colour of sunlight, snow, milk, chalk, limestone and other common minerals. White represents or signifies purity, innocence and light. On this day, this colour represents the rebellious, patriotic and mournful emotions. It reminds us of the glorious victory and our linguistic freedom. You can wear white punjabi on this day to signify such spirit.

Model: Deep & Keya

Wardrobe: Twelve

Photo: Monjurul Alam

Styling: Syed Ruma

Make-up: Shovan Makeover

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