Hajj Package

Tk 345,800 under private arrangement

17 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Hajj package operators on Saturday declared Taka 3,45,800 as minimum hajj cost for 2019 under private arrangement.

 “We’ve fixed Taka 3,45,800 as minimum hajj expenditure for those who will perform hajj this year under our arrangements, said M Shahadat Hossain Taslim, Secretary General of Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAAB).

While speaking at a press briefing in the capital, he urged intending pilgrims not to make any financial transaction with middlemen.

“We would like to urge all pilgrims to deposit money in bank accounts or agency offices, and not to give any money to any other people,” he said.

its president Abdus Sobhan Bhuiyan at a city hotel to declare the hajj package.

Taslim said registration for the intending pilgrims under private arrangements for this year will begin from February 19.

“Every pilgrim has to pay Taka 142,646 that includes Taka 128,000 as airfare and Taka 14,645 as service charge and transport cost of Saudi government during their registration,” he added.

He said all the hajjis must pay full amount of their package by March 20 to perform hajj this year. “All pilgrims need to carry Taka 11,812 extra with them for sacrificing animal during the hajj,” he added.

The hajj pilgrims who have already performed hajj between 2015 and 2018 need to pay Taka 47250 extra as per Saudi Arabia regulations, he added.

The HAAB leaders repeatedly urged the intending hajj pilgrims and their relatives to make the payment directly to the hajj agencies offices or agencies bank accounts and keep the money receipts with them.

“If anyone make payment to any middlemen and get into trouble, the hajj agencies won’t take any responsibilities,” Taslim warned.

The HAAB leader said the provision of collecting police clearance for the intending hajj pilgrims is cancelled this year to reduce harassment of the hajjis.

The government has arranged training programme for all the hajjis in all 64 districts of the country. “Pilgrims can choose the training centers over online as per their preferences,” he said.

Taslim said this year the Saudi government has increased their charge for per pilgrims to 1817 Saudi Riyal that was 1089 in 2018.

Saudi authorities have increased the charges for hajj pilgrims of all countries, no country could not be able to minimise the cost, he said.

The HAAB secretary general thanked the government to make a significant reduction in airfare for the Hajj pilgrims of 2019. The state-run Biman Bangladesh Airlines reduced the fare of Hajj flight to Taka 1,28,000 per person from Taka 1,38,191 of last year.

The cabinet approved the National Hajj and Umrah Policy 2019 and the Hajj Package, 2019 this year on Monday.

The government will send hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia under two packages.  The total cost of first package has been fixed at Taka 4, 18,516, including airfare of Taka 1,28,000, while the cost of the second package will be Taka 3,44,000.

A total of 1, 27,198 pilgrims will perform hajj this year while 1, 20,000 will go under private management to perform hajj.